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General conditions of using the website

By accessing and using this website, you automatically accept the terms and conditions bellow. These terms and conditions will apply to all website users. The following website is property and administered by Mr. Tripp - Travel agency (Delir Inc S.R.L)

Mr. Tripp - Travel agency named bellow Agency is not responsible for the eventual differences between the information on the website and the information received by one of the representatives of the Agency. 

The Agency reserves the right to change the rates, products as well as other conditions on the website with no notice. Exception will be the personalized promotions, in the case of which, the users will be announced either electronically or through other available means, of those changes; 

The Agency will make the necessary efforts to update the website with all the novelties presented by the managerial team. In the case of a typing error, in what concerns the rate of a product bought by the client, the Agency will notice the client of the error as soon as it was identified, and the client can revise the decision of purchasing the service, without suffering any conscience.   

Rights and obligations of the user: 

  • has the right to visualize the website, to print parts of the website’s content on paper and to save pages in electronic format only for personal and non-commercial purposes and that do not harm the image or the activity of the Agency;

  • will be held accountable for the made financial transactions. The Agency will not respond and will not be obliged to return the sums that are made by every user;

  • by accessing, every person guarantees that they are over the age of 18 years old and have the legal capacity to initiate judicial actions;

  • guarantees the accuracy of the provided data, either personal or for every other person for which the data have been provided by the same user;

  • the website shall not be used for speculative purposes such as generating false reservations or fraudulently that could bring material or image prejudice to the Agency;

  • it is compulsory not to alter, copy, transmit, pass down, sell, show, license or reproduce the content of the website or undertake any actions that could bring material or image prejudice to the Agency’s website;

  • the user does not have the right to use in commercial purpose the content of the website;

  • the user does not have the right to create databases or manuals through downloading page by page the content of the website; 

  • any request of republishing or redistributing of the content will be addressed to the Agency at;

  • the user has no right of removing the authors right notification and/or the trademark of the content’s copies. The copies shall be done according to the terms of usage. 

General booking conditions: 

  • bookings are mandatory for all trips/ touristic services provided by the Agency. Bookings shall be made over the phone at +40745.752.753 or +4, via email at or online by accessing

  • in order for a booking to be valid, the client must provide the following information: 

  • the name of the wanted program

  • the date for when the request the program

  • name and surname of the clients

  • the number of participants

  • contact information of the clients

  • pickup location 

Also, for a better communication, the client is obliged to put at least two of the following information at the Agency’s disposal: 

  • mobile number at which the Agency’s staff can contact them during the stay in Romania;

  • email address that is valid during the stay in Romania;

  • accommodation information (room number in the case in which they are accommodated in a hotel). 

In the case in which the mandatory information are not correct or complete, the Agency will not take under consideration the booking.

Through your approval, given by accessing and using the website, the personal data and other information given by you will be used and processed by S.C. Delir Inc S.R.L | Mr. Tripp Tourism Agency in any activities or marketing related purposes. 

Any booking will mean your intention of purchasing a product or touristic service from the Agency. If your request will be accepted, you will receive a confirmation email on behalf of the Agency and the draft contract with the tourist will be enforced.

Payment methods: 

The Agency reserves the right to request for a down payment of at least 20% in order to confirm the booking. The difference shall be paid, on the tour day, before the actual tour starts.

Online down payments shall be made after receiving a payment link via email. For card payments, the transaction will appear on your bank statement under the name Mr. Tripp or

The payment for the booked services shall be made in the National Currency of Romania (Lei/RON), either in cash, via wire transfer or via card to one of the representatives of the Agency.

General conditions of participating to the tours / touristic services organized by the Agency: 

  • the Agency will not be held responsible for the lose of personal items and/ or luggage. We cannot guarantee the recovery of those items;

  • pickup hour may differ from the hour in which the tour starts;

  • free pickup will be offered only for hotels, hostels and B&B’s located in the center of Bucharest. Other hotels, B&B’s or hostels located in the outskirts of Bucharest or the airport area shall not be free of charge;

  • free drop off may depend on traffic restrictions. The drop off can be made near the hotel;

  • for tourists that are not accommodated in hotels, hostels or B&B’s, a meeting point will be agreed upon by both parties;

  • tourists are obliged to present themselves at the hour and meeting point indicated by the Agency. In the case of which, the tourists delay for more than 15 minutes, the booking will be annulled;

  • smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or the use of forbidden substances, is forbidden in the vehicles used by the Agency;

  • the Agency can and will subcontract at any time the services found in its offer;

  • the Agency will not be held responsible for the condition in which are found the highlights included in the programs/ touristic packages that are advertised;

  • the tourists are obliged to respect the itinerary given by the guide/ driver;

  • the Agency will not be held responsible for the case in which, without notice, the highlights included in the tours are closed (special occasions such national days, official visits, and others). In such exculpatory situations, the Agency will offer a valid alternative for the objective that cannot be visited;

  • unfortunately, for the moment our vehicles are not equipped accordingly for those clients that suffer from moving disabilities;

  • the standard services provided by the Agency are made by English speaking guides. On request, other languages can be requested. These requested services in a different language than English, may have a different rate. 

Other clauses: 

  • all published touristic services depend on availability;

  • children under the age of 16 years old benefit of a 50% discount, reason for which other discounts shall not be accumulated; 

  • students and seniors will benefit of preferential rates. In order to benefit from the preferential rates, students must present to the tour guide their student card and seniors must be over the age of 65 years old. Otherwise, if the requested documents are not presented, the Agency reserves the right to charge the full rate of the booked trip/ touristic program; 

  • groups formed by 5 or more persons will receive a 10% discount;

  • discounts shall not be accumulated and shall not be applied to other promotions or special offers;

  • discounts will be applied only if the client presents a valid discount code, or it's subject to other special offer during the booking procedures. Discounts requested during the tours will not be applied. 

  • entrance tickets, which are included in the Agency’s offer, to the highlights visited during the trips will be for standard tours/visits;

  • photography and video fees are not included;

  • the rates of the products found on include VAT. 

Annulments/ Modifications:

  • in the case in which the tour / touristic service is stopped on the client’s request, no refunds shall be given;

  • the down payment shall be restored only in the case in which the annulment request is received with at least 24 hours prior to the departure date;

  • Changes made by the client after the 24 hours term, will make the downpayment non-refundable;

  • for the bookings paid by credit/debit card, the amount shall be restored to the same card used to make the transaction, in 30 days term from the acceptance of the transaction;

  • altering in any way the booking, that will cause a change in the structure of the offer will bring the annulment of the initial booking.

Remarketing Policies

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