Veliko Tarnovo is the wonder city, located at only 180 km from Bucharest, in northern Bulgaria, along river Yantra. Be it that you want to escape the crowd of the capital, discover a new place or spend a week-end away from home, Veliko Tarnovo is the ideal place.


Veliko Tarnovo or “Tsar City”, as it is also known, is the oldest human settlement in the area, dating to approximately 5000 years. Between the 12th and 14th centuries, Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, knowing a rich cultural, economic and political development.

Currently, Veliko Tarnovo is one of the few Bulgarian cities recording demographic growth, being an important university, cultural, historic and touristic centre of Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo is a successful mixture and old and new, in a Bohemian and romantic atmosphere.


Though it has endless tiny streets you could let yourself carried away and where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or good food, the point of attraction of the city is Tsarevets Citadel, where you can enjoy a splendid panorama. The citadel also includes a park and it is beautifully set-up, and on top of the hill inside the citadel, the Church of the Blessed Saviour is located. Inside the citadel, the ruins of over 400 houses, 18 churches, monasteries, shelters, towers and gates have been preserved.

Veliko Tarnovo

After a stroll in Tsarevets Citadel, don’t miss Gurko street – a stone alley going along river Yantra carrying you among the small houses of the 18th an d19th centuries. Also, you must not miss Samovodska Charsia Square, that is some sort commercial centre of the city, an ideal place to find souvenirs which hosts multiple craft workshops.


There are 3 museums in Veliko Tarnovo: The history Museum, the Archaeological Museum and Sarafkina Kahsta Museum, hosting jewellery, folk costume and crafts exhibitions.


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