Having a length of approximately 151 km, Transafagarasan is the most spectacular road in Romania and maybe in the entire world. Transfagarasan crosses the Fagaras Mountains, starting at Bascov, Arges County and comes close to Cartisoara, Sibiu County, connecting the two historical provinces, Muntenia and Transylvania. Transfagarasan has in all 830 foot-bridges and 27 viaducts and it is closed, annually, between November the 1st and June the 30th, on the section between kilometre 104 at Piscu Negru and kilometre 130 at Balea Cascada Cabin. During this period, Balea Lake can be accessed only via the ropeway from Balea Cascada Cabin.


Along Transfagarasan there are many places worth visiting and captured in pictures, with dream-like landscapes that take your breath.

The first section of Transfagarasan passes before the hydro-electric power plant at Vidraru, then, close to Poienari Citadel, on a road full of viaducts and curves, leading to Vidraru Dam. Poienari Citadel is known due to Vlad Tepes, being built by him, and it features 5 towers and walls as thick as nearly 3 meters.


Vidraru Dam was inaugurated in 1966, at that time being the ninth largest dam in the world, and building it lasted for 5 years. Vidraru Dam is one of the main attractions along Transfagarasan, the tourists coming across the mountains to reach Vidraru Lake, one of the largest artificial lakes in Romania. Vidraru Lake and Dam are at an altitude of 830 meters and represent one of the most popular stop-over places along Transfagarasan, and here is also the highest bungee jumping point in Romania.


From Vidraru Dam, the road carries on to Balea Lake, a glacial lake located at an altitude of 2040 meters. Balea Lake is a real marvel of nature, with a dream-like landscape, and no tourist should ever miss on their camera. There is also the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe, open from January to March, offering 16 accommodation seats. The access to the ice hotel is via the ropeway, the boarding point being close to Balea Cascada Cabin, where cars can reach also in winter.

Balea Lake

So, Transfagarasan is a route worth taking at least once in a lifetime. Even Jeremy Clarkson, member of the Top Gear TV show on BBC, said that Transfagarasan is the finest road in the world and that he would stay forever in Romania, after having tested 3 speed cars on Transfagarsan in 2009. If you want a roadtrip on Transfagarasan, don’t hesitate to book our tour.