Don’t you know longer what to visit and where to go on a city break? We come to your rescue with a proposition, as well as with a few reasons for which a stroll in Bucharest shall be an ideal choice. Regardless if you are a tourist or an inhabitant of Bucharest, an escapade to Bucharest is an occasion to discover the beauties of Little Paris, as well as its touristic objectives. So, if you come to Bucharest for a short while and you don’t know how to plan your day as to contain as many activities as possible we suggest an itinerary fit for an unforgettable day in our country’s capital city.

You can start your stroll in Herastrau Park, where the Village Museum is located. Here, you shall discover the largest outdoor museum hosting old houses built in the different architectural styles of the country side houses from various regions of Romania. To make your stroll even more enjoyable you can rent a bicycle or even a water bicycle to navigate on the lake inside the park.

Your walk could continue to the Arch of Triumph, a symbol of Romania’s victory in the First World War and then to Victory Square, a place around which the entire history of Bucharest is interwoven.

A promenade location for the elite of Romanians, an important commercial area, throughout time Calea Victoriei carried its secrets in the private rooms of its restaurants. Here, future books were narrated, romantic affaires took birth, “governments were put up together” and state affaires were arranged.

Calea Victoriei hosts a lot of important monuments of Bucharest, one displaying an architecture more imposing than the other. Among these, we mention: The National History Museum of Romania, Zlatari Church, the Romanian Athenaeum, Kretulescu Church, George Enescu Museum, The CEC Palace, the National Military Republic.

And the stroll does not stop here. Then, we recommend you take a few steps in the Old City Centre of Bucharest, where you can admire the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania, Carturesti Carusel Bookshop, and have absolutely good times on one of the many terraces in the lanes of the Old City Centre.

Of course, you cannot leave the Bucharest City Centre before you come to the Constitution Square to the Parliament Palace or Ceausescu’s Palace – this is how many of the tourists call it. On way, you can also admire the Palace of Justice, an imposing building on the bank of the Dambovita river. At the Parliament Palace you can take a tourist tour to enjoy from the height of the balcony Bulevardul Unirii, as well as the entire city.
Parlament Palace

We wish you an enjoyable stroll!