Timișoara is one of the most important cities in Romania and the Culture Capital of Europe since 2021. It is known as the Little Vienna”, “Heart of Banat”, “City on the Bega” or “City of Flowers” and must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Here are the tourist objectives you must have in mind when you arrive in Timisoara!


Timișoara Centre

The city centre is where you must first go when you arrive in Timișoara. Here, we have Palatul Culturii, as well as Catedrala Mitropolitană. In this entire area, also known as Piața Victoriei or Piața Operei, there is an impressive number of buildings and palaces reminding of the spectacular architecture of the past times.


Piața Unirii

The main attraction of the city is Piața Unirii, due to the architecture surrounding the area and to the lively coloured buildings carrying your mind to Vienna. It is probably the crowdiest place in Timișoara. The square is full of terraces and restaurants, and in summer it is next to impossible to find an available table.
Piata Unirii Timisoara


Piața Libertății

Still in Timișoara city centre lies Piața Libertății, also known as Piața Roșie, due to its red pavement used to rehabilitate the area. Here you could admire the statue of Virgin Mary and Saint Nepomuka, located right at the heart of the Square and from where you can have a very good view to Sinagoga din Cetate, one of the most impressive buildings in Timișoara.
Piața Libertății


Bastionul Maria Theresia

Don’t leave the city centre without visiting Bastionul Maria Theresia. It was built between 1730 - 1735 and represents the largest piece of wall remaining from the Old City of Timișoara, reason for which it is also called Bastionul Cetatii.


Parcul Rozelor of Timișoara

If you love nature and flowers, you must also come to Parcul Rozelor of Timișoara. It is located right in the City Centre only a few steps away from the banks of river Bega, and in the middle of the park there is a huge amphitheatre where numerous festivals are held all throughout the year. Only here you could admire over 1,200 varieties of roses and you could take wonderful pictures to remind you of Timisoara.

Muzeul Satului Bănățean

Yet, nothing compares to the picturesque experience of Timișoara. Muzeul Satului Bănățean is located to the North of the city and spreads over 17 hectares. The museum contains authentic buildings in wood, stone and mud, purchased from the villages in Banat, items used in leaving everyday life, opening thus the gate to the life of people in the past centuries. In the very proximity of the Museum lies the Zoo and Green Forest.