The real history of the Știrbey Domain, as we see it today, begins with Prince Alexandru Știrbey, born and educated in Paris. At his father’s advice, Ruler Barbu Știrbey, he expanded the domain to a great extent and gave it the magnitude and splendor that we are acquainted with.

Alexandru Știrbey has set up the park, he built the Palace and the Church, as well as many functional items, but only a part of them have been preserved up to today.


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Știrbei Palace was built according to architect Joseph Hartl’s plans, and the works had been supervised by Michel Sanjouand, whom had built the Știrbei Palace on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest as well.

One of the most important objectives of the domain, together with the palace, is Știrbey family’s chapel. It was built between 1850-1890 under a neo-gothic style according to the project of the Danish architect Theophil von Hansen. The chapel is an impressive building, and under the chapel there is a crypt where Voivode Barbu Dimitrie Știrbei and Prince Barbu Alexandru Știrbei, as well as other relatives of the same, are buried. The access into the chapel is done by a monumental staircase compound of two semicircular ramps made of Carrara marble. The chapel is a multitude of Gothic, Byzantine and Renaissance elements, inside which a few scenes for the ”Dracula” movie were shot in 1992 under director Francis Ford Coppola.


The Water Tower must be checked on the domain visit tour list. Being designed according to the plans of Anghel Saligny, it was built in 1920 in order to store and pump the water that was needed by the domain. The water tower has an octagonal shape, with 5 stories and an interior concrete frame, which is harmoniously integrated into the entire structure.

Down the ages, many great names have entered the Știrbey Palace. The first example is Queen Marie, whom began visiting the palace as of 1909. Slavici, Alecsandri, George Enescu, Titu Maiorescu were notable guests of the Știrbey Palace.

The United States’ tennis crew was also hosted at Știrbey Palace in 1972, and the Americans trained for the Davis Cup’s finals on the domain’s tennis courts as well. A less known fact is that famous actors such as Jean Marais or Jean-Paul Belmondo have shot a few films on this domain within some Romanian-French coproductions performed by the Buftea Film Studios.


Photo credit: Calatoriile Ioanei

Located at a mere 20 km from Bucharest, Știrbey Palace is a good option for a relaxing day. Here you will find a wonderful landscape where you can have a meal at the terrace or indoor, within an elegant décor, and, of course, you can walk alongside the picturesque lake inhabited by swans and ducks.