Mogosoaia Palace, located at approximately 15 km from Bucharest City Centre, is built of Brancoveanu architecture (Romanian Renaissance) and combines Venetian and Ottoman elements. The Mogosoaia Estate is made up of: the palace itself, inner yard, Cuhnia (old kitchen), Gate Tower, Elchingen Villa (the old guest house, nowadays restaurant), flower greenhouse, ice cellar and the family vault, as well as Saint George Church, located outside the palace walls.


The palace was built by Constantin Brancoveanu, the ruler of Wallachia, the building being completed in 1702. The year when the construction started is still unknown, yet we know that Brancoveanu started buying the land in that area since 1681. Mogosoaia Palace was owned by the Brancoveanu family for 119 years, then passed into the ownership of Bibescu family, after it suffered numerous modifications.


The Palace built by Constantin Brancoveanu is the main building of Mogosoaia Estate and it hosts the apartments of the royal family on the first level that can be directly accessed from the yard via an outdoor staircase. The ground floor of the palace hosts the chambers for the servants and the basement hosts a cellar with a four-dome ceiling.


The Brancoveanu kitchen (Cuhnia) has four venting towers and is located in the inner yard of the palace. The greenhouses of Mogosoaia Palace were built after 1890 and presently serve for growing flowers and as an art school workshop for children. The ice cellar was used to store over summer, the ice brought from Mogosoaia Lake.


The Saint George Church was founded by Constantin Brancoveanu and completed in 1688, just shortly before the founder became the ruler of Wallachia. The Saint George Church hosts the votive painting representing Constantin Brancoveanu and his four sons.


Mogosoaia Palace is the perfect place to spend a peaceful day, away from the hustle of Bucharest centre. One could quietly stroll in the rose, iris and lily gardens, could visit the permanent as well as season exhibitions and the Brancoveanu Art Museum and could conclude the day with chosen delicacies and a delicious coffee on the terrace of the Mogosoaia Palace restaurant, located in the former guest house. If we convinced you and awoke your curiosity for this story-like place, do not hesitate to buy a Mogosoaia Palace tour, that also includes the Snagov Monastery.