It is an already well-known fact that Maramures is one of the most beautiful regions in our country, a region that has preserved its authenticity, traditions and customs. In Maramures, time seems to stand still, the landscapes are part of a dream world, villages are still populated by people wearing traditional clothing, and the visitor can take a ride on the old steam forestry train known as Mocanita or enjoy absolute tranquillity in the monasteries.

Today, we would like to introduce to you some of the tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss if you go Maramures. And you absolutely must go!

  1. Sighetul Marmatiei, also known as “the place where the map hangs on the wall”, as it is very close to the Ukrainian border, is a small but picturesque town which can be walked across in approximately 30 minutes. In Sighet, you definitely shouldn’t miss visiting the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, the Village Museum of Maramures, as well as the Memorial House of the Nobel Prize Winner Elie Wiesel.

  2. The Blue Lake from Baia Sprie is a wonder of nature, changing its colour each season depending on the sunlight and temperature: it is turquoise in the spring, light blue in summer, and it may turn brown in autumn. The road leading up to the Blue Lake is quite arduous, because you have to trek for about 500 meters through the woods on slippery gravel, but the destination is worth all efforts.

  3. The Barsana Monastery is located at a distance of approximately 18 kilometres from Sighetul Marmatiei and is an oasis of serenity and wellbeing, and it is well worthwhile spending a few hours there. The Barsana Complex includes the Old Church, which goes back more than three centuries and was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, as well as the New Church, made of wood, with a height of 57 metres.

  4. The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta located in the town with the same name, approximately 20 kilometres of Sighetul Marmatiei. The Merry Cemetery is a perfect blend of suffering, history, fatality, while also reflecting the idea of death as we all know it. The cemetery is completely unique due to its design: the crosses have the same shape and are painted with the “Sapanta blue”, and each one is decorated with verses meant to depict the life of every person buried there. The founder of the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta was Stan Ioan Patras, and his descendant is Dumitru Pop Tincu, a traditional craftsman who makes the crosses today, entirely by himself, while also being the one who writes the epitaphs.

  5. The Peri Monastery in Sapanta is located at a distance of approximately 1 kilometre from the Merry Cemetery, in the middle of a dendrological park. The Peri Monastery is known as the highest monastery in the world: 78 metres. The Peri Monastery in Sapanta is listed in Guinness World Records and is visited by many tourists.

  6. Viseu de Sus and a ride in Mocanita along the Vaser Valley. Viseu de Sus is located at a distance of approximately 60 kilometres from Sighetul Marmatiei and, believe it or not, Viseu de Sus is a town in Maramures that holds the second place among the biggest towns in Romania, in terms of area. In Viseu de Sus there is a railway station where you can get on the Mocanita, along the last functional forestry railway in the world that uses a steam engine. The ride on Mocanita covers a 20-kilometre route and lasts for about 5 hours and a half: 2 hours one way, 2 ore back and one hour and a half at the stopover in Paltin, where you can have lunch. We recommend that you book your tickets online ahead of time, because it is quite crowded, due to the fact that Mocanita is undeniably a defining symbol of Maramures.