Located at 184 km from Bucharest, Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities of Romania to have quantified its history and worth visiting. Besides the multitude of monuments and tourist objectives, Brasov is also known due to the international festival “The Golden Stag” that goes on almost annually in the city centre and hosts famous artists such as: Toto Cutugno, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kyle Minogue etc.

Piata Sfatului

If you ever come to Brasov, you must not miss the following 10 tourist sites:

  • The Council Square is located in the city centre and offers a splendid view, hosting a multitude of buildings displaying an architecture of Germanic origin. In the Council Square you can dine at one of the many restaurants and luxury coffee houses or you could take part in the artistic and cultural events running there. In the Council Square you can find the Council House, Assumption Church and the Mureseni Museum.

  • The Black Church is the symbol of Brasov city and it is located at a couple of minute walk from the Council Square. Building of the Black Church lasted almost 100 years, being concluded in 1477 and in 1689 it was partly destroyed by a fire to which it also owes its name. The Black Church hosts the most important collection of Oriental carpets in south-East Europe, most of the carpets coming from the donations made by the visitors. The Black Church is the largest Gothic style religious building in South-East Europe, to accommodate 5000 people and measures 90 metres in length and 37 metres in height.

  • The Rope Road is located between Cerbului Street and Poarta Cheii Street and it initially served as passage way for firefighters. Rope Road is the narrowest street in Brasov and the third narrowest in Europe, with 83 metres in length and only 1.4 metres in width.

  • Brasov Tampa Ropeway was commissioned in 1971 and makes the connection between the city located at the feet of Tampa and the peak of the massive. The Ropeway runs daily on a total length of 573 metres and one trip lasts less than 3 minutes. From the peak of the massive one can admire the panoramic view of Brasov city and this is also the starting point for mountain hiking.

  • Johannes Honterus Highschool in Brasov is one of the oldest educational settlements in Romania and operates as Transylvanian Saxon Evangelical gymnasium. The gymnasium was founded by Johannes Honterus and would operate based on a school regulation, having German as a teaching medium.

  • The Ecaterina Gate is the only monument in Brasov that kept its original aspect to the day and whose name comes from the nunnery located there, on Caterina Street. Initially, the monument had the function of a defensive structure, later on being used as a warehouse. The armoury of Brasov can be seen above the entrance and currently, art and history exhibitions are organized in the Gate Tower.

  • The Ethnography Museum owns a collection of over 21.000 pieces that preserve the legacy left behind by the rural communities, representing a real treasure for our cultural patrimony. The collection contains elements of the folk dress, post cards in ceramics, decorated eggs, icons painted on glass, glassware dating back from the 17th – 20th centuries. The museum preserves an interactive character with its public and organizes various activities and workshops to which youth are the main participants.

  • Brasov Citadel is an important tourist site located on the Citadel Hill. Throughout time, the Brasov Citadel had a defensive role, served as prison as well as warehouse, being renovated at around 1981. Currently, within the Brasov Citadel there is a restaurant with a terrace, from where the visitors can admire the entire panoramic view of Brasov.

  • The White Tower was built for defence and it is part of the fortifications of Brasov and it is the highest in the city, measuring 20 metres. In time, the tower has been submitted to several renovation processes, the most recent being between 2003 - 2005, when it was completely revamped.

  • The Black Tower is one of the 4 observation towers of Brasov Citadel, being built as an independent fortification. With a height of 11 metres, the tower survived a series of fires generated by lightning, getting thus the name of Black Tower. Currently, the tower is white, since it has been renovated, and its indoors can be visited, hosting exhibitions of the Brasov County History Museum. The Tower offers delightful views and the opportunity to take exceptional pictures.

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