Bran Castle is one of the Romanian symbols acknowledged across borders due to its association with the legend of Dracula and Bram Stoker’s novel. Bran Castle is also known as “Dracula’s Castle”.

Bran Castle, located 30 kilometers from Brasov, was initially built to serve as a fortress, suffering numerous modifications until 1920, when it was donated to Queen Maria, as a token to thank for her having supported the Unification of 1918.

Bran Castle was built starting with 1211 and completed 166 years later, in 1377. The structure of Bran Castle bears the architectural mark of Johaness Schultz and Karel Liman and the first documented attestation of Bran Castle dates to the 14th century, when Sigismund of Luxembourg banished Vlad the Usurper, the one who actually owned the castle. For a very short period, Bran Castle also belonged to Mircea the Elder (1412 – 1418).

Today, Bran Castle shows off a museum spread on four floors, where clothing articles of Queen Maria can be admired, furniture collection of priceless value, ceramic collections, weapons and armors.

According to the words of a representative of the castle administration, it is envisaged that at Bran Castle be set up a projection room with images from the National Film Archives, about the history of the royal family, a luxury apartment that could be inhabited by those willing to spend a night at the castle and a royal suits room. There is also the intention of reconditioning Queen Maria’s Tea House, that would be open to the public as a tea shop.

One of the rooms of the castle was set up under the name of Bram Stoker, holding there the presentation of Dracula’s legend, and in the castle yard, a museum is set up presenting life, work and traditions of the villagers.

Currently, Bran Castle also hosts a series of selected objects, of which we could mention:

  • the chest sculpted in sycamore wood, decorated in the German Renaissance style, dating to 1692.

  • the tester bed, manually worked in linden, alder, oak, nut-tree and pine wood at the beginning of the 18th century.

  • the neo-rococo show case from the end of the 19th century, part of the reception room stamped by Auguste Bembe of Mainz.

Bran Castle is also famous for its numerous movie scenes and music videos cast there, the most important movie being “Interview with a vampire”. During Halloween, Bran Castle is a real point of attraction for the foreigners, especially for the American and British tourists.

Bran Castle is the second of the most expensive properties in the world, at an estimated value of 140 million dollars.

If we excited your imagination and if you want to interact with Dracula’s legend, don’t hesitate to cast an eye on our site and to book a tour at Bran Castle.