For the summer season and not only, a visit to the Black Sea, respectively Constanta and Mamaia Resort, is the perfect way to spend one or several days.

Constanta is a charming city on the shore of the Black Sea, located at a distance of approximately 220 km from Bucharest. In Constanta you can stroll on the sea front, enjoy a drink in the port, you could sun bathe or visit one of the numerous wonderful places hidden in this city.

  1. The Casino in Constanta is, certainly, the symbol of the city, being forever present in the pictures of the tourists, being over 130 years old. The headstone of the Casino was laid in 1880 and represented at the time the meeting place of the elites, sailor and tourists. The Casino held two game halls, one dance hall and two reading halls. But unfortunately, in 1891, the casino was destroyed by a very heavy storm, and the City Hall decided to build a new one that was inaugurated two years later, in 1893. Throughout time, the Casino hosted elite parties, dance nights, high level meetings and gambling that attracted the rich worldwide. During the First World War, the Casino operated as hospital, but it regained its initial assignation between the two wars. Currently, the Casino is left to ruin, but it can be visited, its inside hosting still the testimony of the beginning of the 20th century luxury.
    Casino Black Sea

  2. The Aquarium is located on the sea shore in Constanta, right in front of the Casino and it was inaugurated on May 1st, 1958, for a long time being the first and only institution of the kind in our country. The building hosting the Aquarium was extension of the Casino and it operated as a restaurant until it was reset in its current assignation. Since its opening and to the date, the Aquarium gather over 100 species of fish and marine animals belonging to various geographical areas, being divided into three sections: Marina, Dulcicola (fresh water creatures) and exotic Fishes. The area of the Aquarium is meant to display a permanent exhibition of marine flora and fauna, as well to temporary exhibitions on subjects connected to biology, marine ecology and marine fishing.

  3. The Dolphinarium is one of the most popular tourist landmarks in Constanta, having visitors both when in season as well as in extra-season. The Dolphinarium is located at the junction of Mamaia Boulevard and Soveja Street. The Dolphinarium was open on June the 1st, 1972 and it is the only location in our country where you could enjoy real shows with performers such as: dolphins, penguins and sea lions.

  4. The Genoese Lighthouse is a monument of undeniable importance and beauty, being set on the sea front of Constanta city. The lighthouse is 16 m tall, octagon shaped and built in natural stone slabs, glued together in grout made of sand and shells. The lighthouse carries up with a metallic dome, and the tip of the dome is decorated with elements indicating the cardinal points. The dome can be reached by climbing a 53-step spiral ladder. The Lighthouse in Constanta used to guide the sailors with its white light that rose 21 meters above the sea and it was operational as such until 1905, when it was replaced by a modern lighthouse.

  5. Tomis Tourist Port is a landmark of Constanta, being visited both by tourists as well as locals. The port is uniquely beautiful, and it can be easily reached both by car as well as on foot, and on the shore, there are numerous terraces and restaurants, competing in displaying luxury. In summer, Tomis Port is often visited by dolphins, attracted by the spring well in the middle of the water or even by the tourists.
    Tomis Tourist port

  6. Carol I Mosque is located at Ovidiu Square and was erected on the initiative of King Carol I, reason for which it goes by his name. The mosque was inaugurated on May the 31st 1913 in the presence of the royal family and of the Muslim representatives of cult in Romania, being the main Muslim rite edifice in our country. Carol I Mosque represents a beautiful and unique mix of Egyptian – Byzantine and Romanian architectural elements, and it is the first edifice in Romania that used reinforced concrete. Annually, the Mosque attracts thousands of tourists, and for a visit one must know a few basic rules of conduct: wear a decent outfit, take off your shoes before stepping inside the mosque and do not pass from in front of those praying if you happen to come here at praying time.

  7. The Romanian Marine Museum in Constanta hosts precious testimony of the military and civilian marine evolution in our country, being the most important institution of the kind in Romania. The museum resides in an imposing building featuring a very interesting history, that was erected in 1909 and hosted the Marine Superior School, the first higher education institution in Dobrogea. The Marine Museum was inaugurated in 1969, on the initiative of Nicolae Ceausescu. The museum holds a very large range of exhibits and marine uniforms, all chronologically organized, presenting the history of military and commercial marine in our country and the evolution of navigation and of the means of navigation in the Carpathian – Danube – Black Sea area.

  8. Mamaia Resort or the Ibiza of Romania as it is also known is located in the proxy of Constanta city, at a distance of only 4 kilometers. Mamaia Resort is well known for entertainment, festivals, night life, luxury and beaches set-up just as the world’s most famous resorts abroad, attracting annually thousands of foreign tourists.

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