Regardless if a tourist or inhabitant of Bucharest, an escape into Bucharest is always a good reason to discover the beauties of Little Paris, as well as the places less known that are worth visiting.

We have prepared for you a list of places worth visiting in Bucharest!

  1. Visit to Vlad Tepes Castle in Bucharest – this is a good copy of the citadel at Poenari owned by Vlad Tepes and dates to the times of Carol I. Vlad Tepes’s Castle is located nearby Carol Park and stands out by its spectacular construction, with a 23-metre-high and 9-meter diameter tower, that once had a clearly established purpose, that of holding a water reservoir with a capacity of 200 m3.
    Vlad Tepes Castle in Bucharest

  2. The Romanian Athenaeum hosts the most important symphonic concerts in Bucharest and is located on Calea Victoriei, being not only a symbol for Bucharest, but for the entire country as well. The circular 70-meter long fresco in the hall hosting the concerts is a real beauty and depicts the most representative scenes in the Carpathian-Danubean-Pontic space, starting with the Dacian-Roman battles. Worth visiting!
    Romanian Athenaeum

  3. Herastrau Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest, offering unforgettable views, especially due to the lake spreading on a large surface of the park. In Herastrau Park you can enjoy a stroll in the open or/and go water-cycling on the lake, and you could also enjoy a selection of drinks and foods at the numerous terraces and fine restaurants.
    Herastrau Park

  4.   Starting from an older idea, the building of the Parliament Palace was built in the times of Nicolae Ceauşescu, a period full of economic restrictions. On the one side, the dictator had the intend of concentrating in one single building all the central bodies of the state, and on the other side, Ceauşescu wanted a residence safe from the seismic point of view, to withstand even a potential nuclear attack. The Parliament Palace, located at Piata Constitutiei, has 9 above-ground levels and other 9 underground level, and it is the second largest administrative civilian use building in the world as surface, the costliest and heaviest administrative building in the world. Parliament Palace

  5. Carturesti-Carusel Bookshop is, currently, one of the most amazing places in Bucharest that you must not miss. The bookshop is located at Bucharest Old Centre, on Lipscani street and sums up 1000 sqm, having 6 levels. The bookshop offers an extremely varied range of books, reading areas, dining area, souvenirs and accessories.
    Carturesti Bookshop

  6. Stavropoleos Church, located in the heart of Bucharest, preserves the peace of by-gone times, being a simple yet neat and stylish place, where you can retreat for a few moments.
    Stavropoleos Church

  7. The Village Museum is located in the heart of the capital, on the shore of Herastrau Lake. Within the Village Museum you can meet a real “village” with monuments and artefacts dating to the 17th century up to the beginning of the 20th century; representative constructions coming from important ethnographical areas that regained a second life at the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”.
    The Village Museum

  8. Bucharest Old Centre is a place loaded with history, culture and entertainment all together. Beyond the numerous terraces and restaurants, in the Historic Centre of Bucharest, there is a series of details that delight the soul. If you look carefully at buildings such as St. Anton Church, CEC Palace, National Bank, you can see a series of symbols, basso-relievo and various patterns that certainly shall delight your eyes.
    Bucharest Old Centre