Regardless if you wish for a lazy morning over coffee, or if you have a business meeting, be it that you want to hang out with your friends over some lemonade and a delicious dessert or that you are a tourist and want to discover places in Bucharest, we have prepared for you a tour of the coolest locations in the capital. 

  1. Van Fruct is a wonderful place full of life that sticks out by its décor of tendril plants and cactuses, with pomegranate fresh juices, extraordinary coffee and sweet and salty gaufres. So, if you feel like having a helping of energy, try Van Fruct, located at 21, Ion Campineanu Street.
    Van Fruct

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  2. Starbucks Clover Reserve has recently opened right in the Old Centre, on Lipscani Street. It is a location different from all other Starbucks we are used to, with a surface of approximately 300 sqm, terrace and one storey, where a calm and quite atmosphere reigns, and the view is wonderful. Even the coffee is different from the coffee served at the other locations.  Starbucks
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  1. Grivita Pub&Grill is a place you must see. The location looks very well, the food is delicious and, in the week-end you can enjoy life music, and the rule of the house is brilliant: you get peanuts on the house and then you throw the peels on the floor. Worth visiting! Where? 130, Calea Grivitei.

    Photo credit: Grivita Pub&Grill Facebook

  2. Infinitea tea house represents the ideal place to enjoy some good tea and prepare your projects for the office or devour a book. The tea house is very welcoming both inside where there are several rooms set up like a living-room as well as outside where there are beautiful gardens decorated with lamps, chandeliers and lanterns. Infinitea tea house is located at 7, Doctor Grigore Romniceanu Street.  

    Infinitea    Photo credit: Infinitea tea house Facebook

  3. The Urbanist is a modern and fancy location featuring an interesting atmosphere by day and by night, when you can take part to one of the coolest parties in Bucharest. The Urbanist attracts both by the particular design of the location, as well as by its delicious and healthy snacks, home beer and special coffee. Where? 3, Caldarari Street.  
    The UrbanistPhoto Credit: The Urbanist Facebook

  4. Simbio is already known as one of the most beautiful places in Bucharest. Simbio is the place where the day starts with a delicious cup of coffee and breakfast has no exact timing, lunch is tasty, and the evenings are relaxed. The kitchen is open so that you could see everything that’s being cooked, and in the attic, an event dedicated space was created. Simbio is located at 26, Negustori Street.  
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  5. Deschis Gastrobar is a location with a new concept, being a rooftop getting together creative people, in a relaxed atmosphere. Deschis Gastrobar is a season-based project hosting, in the open, film projections, educational workshops and interesting debates that go along with lemonade and delicious food. Deschis Gastrobar is at 160, Splaiul Unirii.
    Deschis Gastrobar
    Deschis Gastrobar
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